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  • April 13th, 2016
  • - Comments Off on Dame Helen Mirren Wants A Full Sleeve at 70-Years-Old
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Helen Mirren is no lame Dame. The British actress recently admitted to Radio Times that she is considering a reptile tattoo that would slither up her arm, in addition to her existing ink. Mirren was promoting her latest movie, Eye in the Sky, when she was asked whether or not she regrets her tattoo from the 1970s—two interlocking Vs. The 70-year-old answered she wanted tattoos on a larger scale, “Some sort of curving pattern. Maybe a snake—I quite like snakes.” What a stellar response. It is always refreshing to see a celebrity defy standards and prove age is just a number.

helen mirren tattoo

Because Mirren may be a bit of a stranger to the tattoo industry, we feel it is our duty to recommend a couple artists to her should she commit to the snake sleeve. Max V.K. does incredibly vibrant work and is a master of tattoos with movement. But if you’re looking for realism, Eugene Knysh is your guy. Remember, Dame Mirren, you are always welcome to get inked at our in-house tattoo studio, the Guest Spot. We’ll take good care of you and your future tattoo endeavors.

Mirren’s role in Eye in the Sky requires her to be a woman of power, playing Colonel Katherine Powell. Her character works with her team to lead a UK and US military operation in an effort to prevent a terrorist attack and locate the enemy. But when the enemy is located via drones, she and her peers find themselves in disagreement as to whether or not they should strike. Watch the full trailer below.

Eye in the Sky is now playing in theaters.


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